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Friday The 13th: A New Beginning YIFY

Yes, quadrilogy. It makes sense because the original 4 all seemed like a big story and had the same tone, the next 4 movies (5 - 8) all seemed a bit more campy and not as serious. The third Quadrilogy (X, goes to hell, FvJ, and the remake) is just everything extra and doesn't really count as any type of saga since they barely follow any continuity. Also I see people downvoting positive reviews for this movie (probably same people who downvoted the negative reviews of the first friday movie), please stop. Please do not just ruin someone's creditability just because of their opinion. You are just wasting your time, please downvote actual reviews that are vague and boring not reviews people really spent hard time expressing. People like you also make this site really toxic :) Moving on to the actual review.Wow! This movie was REALLY great. It was actually very fun and entertaining to watch from beginning to end, it even explains what happened in the 3 movies before this. It doesn't take long till Jason is back in the scene and his kills are unique and even more brutal than the last movies. The characters here are actually kind of likable, tommy jarvis is the only character to actually be in more than one movie and is a great lead character. He absolutely goes insane and brutally kills Jason in the last scene being a great ending to Jason and I would have been fine with him dying completely due to that. The music is still great and the sound effects used for jason's head going into his own blade are disgustingly awesome. Jason's face also looks pretty creepy. This movie also doesn't have any stupid dream scene or the mystery POV anymore which is also an improvement. I thought the whole "dead f-k" joke was actually pretty funny as well. Overall, out of the original 4 movies, this is definitely the best one and maybe one of the best in the whole series.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning YIFY



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