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Cocteau Twins Singles Collection 10CD Box Set 1991 FLAC Free

cocteau twins were essentially a u.k. version of the art rock band the cure, and their sound was more dreamy and abstract than their american counterparts. as most 4ad artists did, cocteau twins were part of the new wave movement, but they were also part of the british folk scene. "lorelei" and "me manion" are very much of their time. also, the songs are incredibly dreamy and romantic. "lorelei" reminds me a lot of how i imagine a patty hearst song would sound.

Cocteau Twins Singles Collection 10CD Box Set 1991 FLAC

for a pair of the best songwriters in the u.k., the cocteau twins were relatively short-lived. (and that's being kind.) but these two songs are fine examples of how they could sing about old, new, or no love. it's difficult to overstate just how great elizabeth fraser's voice is. and she's still at her best when she's singing with other people.

there is a mythology surrounding this song that borders on the absurd. it's widely believed that the new world was the first song written by the cocteau twins and it was the first song ever to be recorded at the abbey road studios. that's definitely not true, but there's something to the myth. it is one of the few cocteau twins songs that was originally performed live. "the new world" is also their first top 40 hit. cocteau twins wans is the real name of the duo, and this song is the only one that can be attributed to them.

if i had to choose one cocteau twins song to play when i'm feeling down, it would be this one. it's pure pop perfection, especially as a bonus track on the recent reissue of the dreaming ep. the chorus is so simple and catchy, and there's a hint of sexual tension between the singers in this lyric: "i love the way you walk, i love the way you talk, / i want you to kiss me, i want you to make love to me." for me, it's one of the better cocteau twins songs. i'm not a huge fan of the darker electronic side of the band, but this was a perfect transition into their more experimental work.


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