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Explore a Fantasy World of Toy Sounds and Synth Layers with Native Instruments Kinetic Toys KONTAKT

Native Instruments Kinetic Toys KONTAKT: A Review

Do you love the sound of vintage toys, but wish you could play them like musical instruments? Do you want to explore a fantasy world of toy sounds, spacey synthesized tones, morphing, and creative effects? If so, you might want to check out Native Instruments Kinetic Toys KONTAKT, an innovative instrument that fuses the sound of vintage toys with synth layers. In this review, we will take a look at what Kinetic Toys is, how it sounds, how it works, what it offers, and whether it is worth buying.

Native Instruments Kinetic Toys KONTAKT

The Sound: Amazing and Genius

Kinetic Toys is based on over 200 recordings of vintage children's toys, tools, and treats, each with a custom synthesized layer to create playable tones. These are then morphed and processed using a dynamic X-Y modulation system. The result is pristine, evocative, and distinctive sound, ideal for standout leads or quirky rhythmic effects and atmospheres.

The sounds are organized into 35 different themes such as "Elastic Band", "Laser Weapons", or "Chemistry Set". Each theme has eight toy sounds and eight synth layers that can be mixed and matched to create your own sound scenes. You can also choose from over 600 snapshots that provide ready-made presets for each theme.

The sound quality is amazing and the samples compiled are genius. You can hear the details and nuances of each toy sound, from clockwork robots, train sets, and bunsen burners to ping pong balls, pinball machines, and popcorn. You can also hear how well they blend with the synth layers, creating rich and complex sonic textures.

The Interface: Fun and Interactive

Kinetic Toys has one of the most unique and fun interfaces you will ever see. The interface is a picture of a child's toys in a bedroom. You can click on different toys to access different parameters and functions. For example, you can click on the toy piano to select a theme, or click on the toy car to access the settings menu.

The main feature of the interface is the two X-Y controllers that allow you to modulate sound scenes and effects scenes. The ballerina controls the sound scenes. As she dances across the screen, she morphs between eight toy sounds and eight synth layers. You can play her motion manually or automate it using different modes such as random or circular.

The robot controls the effects scenes. He works exactly like the ballerina, but his progress modulates up to eight effects such as delay, reverb, distortion, or filter. You can also play his motion manually or automate it using different modes.

The interface is not only fun and interactive, but also intuitive and easy to use. You can quickly adjust the volume, pan, tune, and envelope of each sound layer using the knobs on the toy piano. You can also access more advanced parameters such as LFO, EQ, and compressor using the toy car menu. You can also save and load your own snapshots using the toy camera.

The Concept: Creative and Imaginative

Kinetic Toys is not just a collection of toy sounds and synth layers. It is also a concept that reflects the creative and imaginative vision of its sound designer, Jeremiah Savage. Savage is a veteran sound designer who has worked on many Native Instruments products such as Absynth, Massive, and Reaktor. He is also a toy collector and enthusiast who has been fascinated by toys since his childhood.

Savage says that Kinetic Toys was inspired by his childhood memories and his love for toys. He wanted to create an instrument that would capture the magic and wonder of playing with toys, as well as the nostalgia and emotion that they evoke. He also wanted to create a world that borders on the real and the imaginary, where toys come to life and take you on a sonic adventure.

Kinetic Toys is more than just an instrument. It is a story that Savage tells through sound. Each theme has its own narrative and mood, from playful and cheerful to dark and eerie. Each sound scene has its own character and personality, from cute and friendly to weird and creepy. Each effect scene has its own twist and surprise, from subtle and smooth to dramatic and intense.

The Features: Dynamic and Playable

Kinetic Toys is not only a sound library, but also a powerful instrument that offers many features to make it dynamic and playable. Here are some of the main features of Kinetic Toys:

  • 600+ snapshots: Kinetic Toys comes with over 600 snapshots that provide ready-made presets for each theme. You can browse through them using the toy camera or the browser menu. You can also save and load your own snapshots using the same tools.

  • Four effects categories: Kinetic Toys has four effects categories that you can apply to each sound scene: delay, reverb, distortion, and filter. You can choose from different types of effects within each category using the toy car menu. You can also adjust the amount of each effect using the robot controller.

  • Four modulation sources: Kinetic Toys has four modulation sources that you can use to modulate different parameters of each sound scene: LFO, envelope follower, step sequencer, and randomizer. You can access them using the toy car menu. You can also assign them to different destinations using the modulation matrix.

  • Free set of 30 sounds: Kinetic Toys offers a free set of 30 sounds that you can download from the Native Instruments website. These sounds are taken from different themes of Kinetic Toys and can be used in any KONTAKT-compatible software or hardware.

The Pros and Cons: Balanced and Honest

Kinetic Toys is an amazing instrument that offers a lot of possibilities for sound design and music production. However, it is not perfect and it may not suit everyone's needs and preferences. Here are some of the pros and cons of Kinetic Toys:


Unique and innovative sound conceptLimited sound variety

High-quality sound samplesHigh CPU usage

Fun and interactive interfaceSmall interface size

Creative and imaginative sound scenesNot very realistic or natural sounding

Dynamic and playable featuresRequires KONTAKT 5 or higher

The Price and Availability: Affordable and Accessible

Kinetic Toys is an affordable and accessible instrument that you can buy online from the Native Instruments website or from authorized dealers. The price of Kinetic Toys is $99 USD / 99 EUR / 89 GBP / 12,800 JPY / AU$149 AUD. However, you can also get it for free if you buy KOMPLETE 13 or KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE, which are bundles of instruments and effects from Native Instruments.