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The Fastest Way to Reroll in Arknights Without Downloading Anything

Arknights Reroll Without Download: A Guide for Beginners

Arknights is a popular mobile game that combines tactical RPG and tower defense elements. In this game, you play as a doctor who commands a team of operators with unique abilities to fight against a deadly infection. You can recruit new operators by using a gacha system, where you spend in-game currency to get random characters.

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However, not all operators are created equal. Some are more powerful, rare, or useful than others. That's why many players choose to reroll their accounts, which means starting over from scratch until they get the operators they want. Rerolling can help you get a strong start in the game and save you time and money in the long run.

But how do you reroll in Arknights without having to download the game data every time? In this guide, we will show you how to reroll on different banners using simple methods that don't require any tools or hacks. We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to make your rerolling process faster and easier. Let's get started!

Why Reroll in Arknights?

Rerolling is a common practice in gacha games, where players try to get the best possible characters by resetting their accounts and rolling again. There are several reasons why you might want to reroll in Arknights:

  • You want to get your favorite operators, whether for their design, personality, or gameplay.

  • You want to get the strongest operators, especially the ones with 6-star rarity, who have higher stats and skills than lower rarity ones.

  • You want to get the most versatile operators, who can fit into different team compositions and strategies.

  • You want to get the most efficient operators, who can help you clear stages with less resources and difficulty.

Of course, rerolling is not mandatory. You can still enjoy the game without rerolling, as there are many low rarity operators who are very useful and reliable. You can also get more operators as you play the game and earn more currency. However, if you want to have an easier time or have a specific goal in mind, rerolling can be a good option.

So, which operators should you aim for when rerolling? There is no definitive answer to this question, as different players may have different preferences and opinions. However, some general factors that make an operator desirable are:

  • Their rarity: Higher rarity operators tend to have higher stats and skills than lower rarity ones. They also have more potential levels, which means they can be upgraded further.

  • Their role: Different roles have different functions and advantages in combat. For example, vanguards generate deployment points (DP), guards deal melee damage, defenders block enemies, specialists provide utility, snipers deal ranged damage, casters deal arts damage, medics heal allies, and supporters buff or debuff units.

  • Their archetype: Within each role, there are different archetypes that have different characteristics and abilities. For example, among vanguards, there are DP-on-kill vanguards who refund DP when they kill enemies, DP-recovery vanguards who generate DP over time, and utility vanguards who provide other benefits.

  • Their skill : Their skill: Different skills have different effects and costs. Some skills are passive, which means they are always active, while others are active, which means they need to be manually activated. Some skills have a cooldown, which means they need to wait for a certain time before they can be used again, while others have a duration, which means they last for a certain time after activation. Some skills are single-target, which means they affect only one enemy or ally, while others are multi-target, which means they affect multiple enemies or allies.

  • Their talent: Talents are innate abilities that operators have. They can provide various benefits to themselves or their allies, such as increasing stats, reducing costs, or enhancing skills.

Based on these factors, some of the most recommended operators to reroll for are:










Ranged Guard

Deals massive damage and stuns enemies in a large area

Increases the attack range and damage of allies in the same row




ST Caster

Deals high arts damage and reduces the resistance of enemies in a small area

Increases the SP recovery of allies in the same column




Healing Defender

Heals allies in the surrounding tiles and grants them SP recovery or resistance buff

Increases the defense and max HP of allies in the surrounding tiles




AoE Caster

Deals continuous arts damage and reduces the attack and defense of enemies in a long range ahead

Increases the arts damage dealt by allies in the same row


HoshigumaDefender >Normal Defender >Increases her defense and deals damage to nearby enemies when attacked >Increases the defense and block count of herself and allies in the surrounding tiles >5-star >Ptilopsis >Medic >AoE Medic >Heals multiple allies in a large area >Increases the SP recovery of all allies >5-star >Lappland >Guard >Ranged Guard >Silences enemies and deals arts damage in a small area >Ignores a portion of enemy defense and deals extra damage to enemies with lower HP >5-star >Texas >Vanguard >DP-on-kill Vanguard

Stuns and deals damage to enemies in a small area and generates extra DP

Increases the attack and defense of herself and allies in the surrounding tiles




ST Sniper

Increases her attack speed and deals multiple shots to a single enemy

Increases the attack of all snipers

These are just some examples of the operators that are worth rerolling for. You can also check out other sources, such as tier lists, guides, or forums, to get more opinions and suggestions. Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can reroll for whoever you like, as long as you have fun playing the game.

How to Reroll in Arknights?

Now that you know why and who to reroll for, let's see how to actually do it. There are three main types of banners that you can reroll on in Arknights: the newbie banner, the limited banner, and the standard banner. Each banner has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to choose wisely depending on your preferences and goals.

Reroll on the Newbie Banner

The newbie banner is the first banner that you can access in the game. It is available for 10 days after you start playing, and it guarantees a 6-star operator in your first 10 pulls. The pool of operators in this banner is fixed, so you can only get one of the following 6-star operators: SilverAsh, Eyjafjalla, Exusiai, Siege, Shining, or Nightingale.

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The newbie banner is the easiest and fastest way to reroll in Arknights, as you only need to complete the tutorial and do a few missions to get enough currency for 10 pulls. You can also use the mail method or the guest account method to skip downloading the game data every time you reroll.

The mail method involves using a dummy email account to register your game account. You can use any email service that allows you to create multiple accounts easily, such as Gmail or Yahoo. After you register your account, you can go to the set


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