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Download Facebook 360° Photos in Minutes: A Simple Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Download Facebook 360 Photos

Facebook 360 photos are a great way to capture and share immersive scenes of your surroundings, events, or travels. They let you see a photo from every angle, including above, below, behind, and next to you. You can also interact with them by tilting your phone, dragging your finger, or using a VR headset.

But what if you want to download these amazing photos to your device or computer? How can you save them for offline viewing, editing, or sharing? In this article, we'll show you how to download Facebook 360 photos in a few easy steps. We'll also explain what they are, why you should download them, how to create them, how to upload them, how to view them, and how to edit them. Let's get started!

download facebook 360° photos


What are Facebook 360 Photos?

Facebook 360 photos are photos that have been captured in a spherical or panoramic format, using a special camera or app. They have a small globe icon on them to indicate that they are 360 photos. When you upload them to Facebook, they are automatically recognized and displayed as interactive images that you can explore by moving your device or cursor.

Facebook 360 photos can be taken with various devices, such as:

  • 360 cameras, such as Ricoh Theta S, Samsung Gear 360, Insta360 One X, GoPro Fusion, etc.

  • Smartphones with built-in or compatible 360 camera apps, such as Google Street View, Cardboard Camera, Panorama 360, etc.

  • Digital cameras with panoramic mode or stitching software, such as Photoshop.

Some examples of Facebook 360 photos are:

  • A scenic view of a mountain range or a beach.

  • A group photo of your friends or family.

  • A behind-the-scenes look at a concert or a sports event.

  • A virtual tour of a museum or a landmark.

  • A creative artwork or a collage.

Why Download Facebook 360 Photos?

Downloading Facebook 360 photos can have many benefits and use cases, such as:

  • You can view them offline without an internet connection.

  • You can edit them with your favorite photo editing software or app.

  • You can share them with other platforms or apps that support 360 photos.

  • You can back them up on your device or cloud storage.

  • You can print them as posters or stickers.

How to Create Facebook 360 Photos?

To create Facebook 360 photos, you need a device that can capture spherical or panoramic images. You can use one of the following methods:

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