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[BETA] Clicking Simulator Script | DEVIL Script...

Modelleicher, known for several Farming Simulator 19 placeable objects and script mods, is currently working on a fascinating addon for FS19. The Simple IC is in beta, but already showing signs of becoming a great alternative to the old IC controls script that has been around for ages.

[BETA] Clicking Simulator Script | DEVIL Script...

Using Codemagic, you can automatically publish your app to the internal, alpha, beta, production or to your custom testing tracks on Google Play. Follow this guide to set up a service account in Google Play Console before using the script.

i have a script that can help you, but you arent putting any effort into you can see, thisis an ask for help, not an ask for script. if you will look int the manual that comes along with the program, it explains quite easily in the "hotkeys section"i am going to show you another version of this script as well.ins::suspendlbutton::settimer,click,30; when you press the left mouse button, you start a timer to clicklbutton up::settimer,click,off; when you release the left mouse button, you will turn off the clicking timer click:click; as this is the end of the code, return is not needed hereand btw, post code in code tags 041b061a72


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