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Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense Book Pdf

The classic first book on declarer play at bridge, covering the topic with clarity, skill and humor. More than fifty years after its first publication, this book has been revised and updated to bring it into line with modern methods of play and bridge education. Newcomer/Intermediate. [Available as eBook]

Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense Book Pdf

The classic first book on defensive card play at bridge. Learn everything from hold-up plays, to second hand play, third hand play and defensive signalling which is almost like cheating but it is legal. More than fifty years after its first publication, this book has been revised and updated to bring it into line with modern methods of play and bridge education. Newcomer/Intermediate [Available as eBook]

Twenty years ago, Kantar set about distilling his bridge wisdom into a trilogy of books for the intermediate player, one each on Bidding, Play and Defense. Each consisted of several hundred short Tips. Absorbing even a fraction of the tips could improve your game by at least 25%. The bidding tips in this book have been completely revised and updated by the author in the light of modern developments, and a number of new tips have been added. Intermediate. [Available as eBook]

TEACHERS WILL LOVE THIS! These intermediate hands are designed to help the student develop proper thinking habits as the bidding play and defense progresses. Each student is involved one way or another in most every hand. I use these hands exclusively when I teach and the feed back has been unbelievable. You will never have to worry about having good hands for your classes again. And everything you should be telling your students is right there in the commentaries sections. All the teacher has to do is look over the hands before presenting them to the class. The hands cover a variety of themes, all dealing with 'thinking bridge'. These hands are applicable with any bidding system. There is also a list of suggestions as to how best to teach with these hands. The hands come in groups of 10, and all 100 cost $50.00. However, I will email you hands 1-10, including the method I use to teach with these hands. If you like what you see and want to purchase more hands, the price for the first 10 ($10.00) will be included in the next purchase. I can send these hands via email attachment in 'Word' or hard copy in a spiral bound book or both for the same price. The price for 100 is $50.00. There is now a Thinking Bridge II - Hands 101-200 and Thinking Bridge III - Hands 201-300. Each set comes with a 'Theme' page making it easier for the teacher to group the hands if desired.

Author: Edwin Kantar Advanced Bridge Defense and Modern Bridge Defense are the winners of the 1999 Intermediate-Advanced ABTA Book Award! This book is intended to cover some of the more complex concepts of defense for the modern novice player, and will undoubtedly be a standard reference work and teaching tool for many years to come. The topics covered here (including defensive strategy, inferences, various ways of counting the hand, developing extra trump tricks, falsecarding, and lead-directing doubles) are handled so thoroughly that even more advanced players will benefit from studying this book.

Bridge for Club Players: Book Zero (Beginner)By Geoff Lacy. Subtitled "Starting the game", this is the first of three books for newcomers. It explains the basics of bridge and provides the background needed to enter your first club game. Bridge Cardplay: Easy Guide Series (Beginner to intermediate)By David Bird & Marc Smith. Ten booklets on the essential skills for declarer. Topics range from the basics (finessing, drawing trumps, establishing long suits) to more advanced techniques (entry management, holdup plays and safety plays). Larry Teaches Modern Bidding (Kindle versions): Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 (Beginner to intermediate)By Larry Cohen. Basic instruction on opening bids and responses, opener's rebid, responder's rebid and competitive auctions. Winner of the 2021 Beginner Book of the Year award from the American Bridge Teachers Association. Counting at Bridge: The Easy Way to Improve Your Game (Intermediate)By Diane Aves. An introduction to the critical skills of counting and card reading. The emphasis is on basic techniques and concepts for newer and advancing players. Shark's Pointers (Intermediate)By Mark Aquino. Interesting deals, humorous anecdotes and advice for advancing bridge players. Coming Back to Bridge (Intermediate)By Paul Goldfinger. Those who haven't played for a few decades are often amazed at how much the game has changed when they start to play again. This book summarizes the key changes in bidding systems, conventions, alerts and other aspects of bridge that will help returning players modernize their skills. Over Hoffman's Shoulder: A Year in the Life of a Bridge Pro (Intermediate)By Martin Hoffman and Marc Smith. Once one of the world's best pairs players, Hoffman was known for his imaginative bidding and brilliant cardplay. In this book, he relives some of his most spectacular deals and shares his thought process at every bid and trick. Misbid These Hands with Me Misdefend These Hands with Me (Intermediate)By Mark Horton. An entertaining collection of problems, presented as quizzes and designed to help you learn from others' mistakes. All the deals are taken from high-level play. The Power of Pass (Intermediate)By Ron Klinger and Harold Schogger. A discussion of the types of problems where Pass is the winning call. Included are many real-life deals from all levels of competition. Five to Five Hundred: On the road to becoming a Life Master (Intermediate)By Tim Kohl and Bob Jiobu. The authors cover a wide range of topics that can help novices improve and attain the rank of Life Master. Topics include attitude and mental preparation, partnership issues, recommended agreements and tips on making decisions at the table.Combining Your Chances (Intermediate)By Danny Roth. The first in a series of six books on skills and techniques for the play of the hand. 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know - 2nd Edition (Intermediate)By Barbara Seagram & Marc Smith. A completely revised and updated edition that incorporates changes in bidding over the last 20 years, including three new chapters.The Search for a Second Suit: It's in Here Somewhere (Intermediate)By Dr. James Sternberg and Danny Kleinman. This title focuses on variations of "second-suit" deals -- how to plan the play and establish tricks when you have two suits to work on.Shortness: A Key to Better Bidding (Intermediate)By Dr. James Sternberg. Lots of advice about bidding when you hold singletons and voids -- how to show them, ask for them, evaluate their true power, take advantage of them in the play. It includes advice for declarers and defenders. More from Dr. James Sternberg and Danny Kleinman:Nine new titles with instructional deals and tips to improve bidding, defense and declarer play. (Intermediate) Winning at the Club (Intermediate)By Matthew Thompson. Practical advice and examples that focus on the strategies that work best in club-level play. So You Think You Can Play Bridge (Intermediate to advanced)By Peter Blekinsop and Ray Hassall. A puzzle book with 100 challenging hands for declarer and defender. Tournament Bridge for Advanced Players (Intermediate to advanced)By Ken Casey. Expert-level strategies and techniques for declaring and defending. Available in paperback and Kindle editions. Bridge Outside the Box with Val Kovachev (Intermediate to advanced)By Dennis Dawson and Charlie Wilkins. Originally from Bulgaria, Val Kovachev is a creative, aggressive player with a long history of successes. The authors offer many entertaining deals that illustrate his unique approach to the game.Swing Deals (Intermediate to advanced)By Rakesh Kumar. A review of more than 100 deals that generated big scoring swings. Presented as quizzes, the deals illustrate how effective bidding methods and logical play or defense led to favorable results. Constructive Bidding 401 and 402 (Intermediate to advanced)By Stephen Paul. Two books that offer advice on bidding, system structure, partnership development and teamwork.A Compendium of Double Dummy Problems (Advanced to expert)By Hugh Darwen. A collection of 1000 double-dummy problems, originally published from 1896 to 2005. Polish Club 2020: Standard andExpert (Advanced to expert)By Krzysztof Jassem. Full details on the latest version of the Polish Club bidding system.Good, Better, Best (Advanced to expert)By Jan Eric Larsson. What's the best bidding system? The author attempts to answer that question with mathematical analysis, computer simulations and artificial intelligence to compare bidding systems and conventions.Bridge with Another Perfect Partner (General interest)By John Carruthers. An homage to the P. F. Sanders classic "Bridge with the Perfect Partner". It features witty analysis of many entertaining deals. Bridge Crosswords 2 (General interest)By Jeff Chen. One of the nation's top crossword constructors is also a bridge player, and he combines his talents in this book of 52 clever, bridge-themed puzzles. His first book,Bridge Crosswords, is also available. Bridge at the Top: Behind the Screens (General interest)By Samantha Punch. Interviews with some of the leading experts and most intriguing personalities in the bridge world. They share their views of what it takes to become a top player and each offers his or her favorite bridge tip.2022 calendars (General interest)A big selection of calendars, weekly planners and organizers with bridge themes.Bridge books on Kindle (All levels)Many new titles and old classics formatted for the Kindle, Amazon's e-reader. Back to top


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