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Diablo NoCD Crack The Game

Hi I am THE-PUNIsher from Malaysia,The serial number is all 0000(zero)I have the crack and please visit ********** and sign the ****://lasallians.homepage.comInstruction.Extract this file to the diablo2 folder ver 1.00If you want to use it on version 1.01 uninstall diablo2 then install itthen patch the new version by blizzard and the replace the game.exe with mine...By The_punisher e-mail

Diablo NoCD Crack the game

Download Zip:

If you have win install, install diablo on the Win partition copy the files from all the disks to the Diablo 2 install dir, crack Diablo 2, reboot install ntfs-3g, and than: wine Diablo2.exe (without the -opengl option)

My formula for installing, constrained by the lack of CD ROM drive in the Samsung NC10 (and most other netbooks), is pretty simple. First I install each game into Windows XP on a suitably endowed computer, I patch it, no-CD crack it (if applicable) and then dig up any resolution hacks I can find on the internet to force the game into the NC10s not uncommon but uncomfortably cozy 1024600 resolution.

Delving back to almost as oldschool a PC-based RPG as I can bear, getting Diablo on its feet and running was trivial. The game has an installed size of around 500mb which makes it compact enough to stick straight on the Samsung NC10 without worrying about burning through disk space. In order to get it up and running I installed the 1.09 patch and used the corresponding 1.09 No-CD crack (Which you can find on Megagames). In order to properly and fully install Diablo you must also copy diabdat.mpq from the CD into the installation directory. To get Diablo to successfully patch and run on my Samsung NC10 I had to port some registry entries over from my workstation. The vitally important ones can be found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Archives and should be changed to reflect the installation directory of your target machine. Important: The DiabloCD registry entry should also point to your Diablo directory. 350c69d7ab


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