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Apple Macbook Programs

Mac startup programs are the apps and services that automatically launch when you turn on your Mac. Some startup programs and apps can be helpful, but they can also strain your processor and memory, increasing load times and harming system performance.

Apple Macbook Programs

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Different Macs have different startup programs. But some Mac startup apps and programs are more common than others. Most often, these startup programs provide some essential service or are used for cybersecurity reasons.

Mac includes a feature in your System preferences that functions like a startup manager and lets you see a list of all your startup programs. There, you can disable programs on startup to get back to a faster and lighter Mac.

You might be surprised to see some startup programs on your list. Games, random apps, and even Mac-specific programs can sneak onto your starting lineup when you install them. But do you really need to be hit with Apple Mail, stock market news, and a poker app every time you log in?

Understanding your computing needs will help you choose which startup programs to remove. As part of your regular Mac maintenance, take inventory of startup items. You should also optimize your Mac security settings to ensure only essential apps open on startup.

Avira Prime is a security utility designed to keep your Mac safe from potentially unwanted programs; which covers everything from simple scripts designed to compromise and redirect your browser searches through to actual malware.

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to uninstall programs in a Mac computer. Normally, users would get rid of a program by dragging it into the trash bin. But that does not completely delete all the contents of the program. Users will need to download the application, App-Zapper. Users just need to simply open the application and drag the program(s) into App-Zapper. Then just click Zap to uninstall the program. This video will benefit those viewers who use a Mac computer, and would like to learn how to uninstall programs because they never use the program and would like more space on their computer.

Some of the winners on our list are available as desktop apps, while others are strictly available as online photo editors. Some are free trials of paid programs, and others are genuine, no-strings-attached free photo editors. So let's take a look right now at free photo editing software for mac like Photoshop.

Why we love it: Now on version 4.0, Picktorial is free photo editing software with a suite of impressive graphic features. The built-in photo organization tool is a nice touch, and the filters and effects hold their own against more expensive photo editing programs. Picktorial can even be used as an extension to Apple Photos, so you can use it to complement one of our other picks. Here you can quickly and easily organize your photos.

In a new posting to its developer site, Apple outlines possibilities for several kinds of widgets--namely ones that retrieve information from the Web, ones that are self-contained applications and ones that link to full-fledged Mac programs. An example of the last category would be an iTunes miniplayer Apple has demonstrated.

VERSIONVersion 5.0 SYNOPSISmbconfig [ --verbose--help--prefix--cflags--libs--version--version-id--version-major--version-minor--version-archive--levitus--otps] DESCRIPTIONMBconfig provides command line access to the MB-System installation location the compile and libs flags needed to compile and link programs using MB-System libraries, and the locations of the levitus database and the OTPS tidal correction software.When commands such as --version are given, the desired output will bewritten to stdout. Each desired value is printed on a separate line. If --verboseis specified, each value is output in two lines, the first consisting of adescriptive identifier and the second the value itself. The options includevarious forms of the installed MB-System version, the location of theLevitus water sound speed model database accessed by the program mblevitus,and the location of the installed OTPS tidal prediction software. MB-SYSTEM AUTHORSHIPDavid W. Caress Monterey Bay Aquarium Research InstituteDale N. Chayes Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping University of New HampshireChristian do Santos Ferreira MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences University of Bremen OPTIONS--helpThis option causes mbconfig to print out its usage options and exit.--verboseBy default mbconfig outputs the desired values with no description orexplanation. When --verbose is specified the values are preceded on a separateline by a descriptive identifier.--prefixThis option causes mbconfig to output the MB-System install location.The locations of the executable programs, the linkable libraries, and theheader files are in directories named bin, lib, and include in the installlocations. For instance, if the install location is "/usr/local", then executableprograms will be in "/usr/local/bin", libraries in "/usr/local/lib", andheader files in "/usr/local/include".--cflagsThis option causes mbconfig to output the compiler flags needed to compileC programs or libraries that make use of functions available in MB-Systemlinkable libraries. These flags consist of specifying the location of theMB-System header files.--libsThis option causes mbconfig to output the linker flags needed to link aC program with MB-System libraries. These flags consist of specifying thelocation of the MB-System dynamic libraries and the list of librariesavailable for linking.--versionThis option causes mbconfig to output the version string of the installedMB-System.--version-idThis option causes mbconfig to output an integer version of the installedMB-System version. This value is constructed as follows: version_id = 10000000 * version_major + 100000 * version_minor + version_archiveso that: 5.5.2304 => 050502304These version id numbers are guaranteed to increase with newer versions.--version-majorThis option causes mbconfig to output the major version number of the installedMB-System. This is the first of three values in an MB-System versionstring, and is incremented only rarely in conjunction with major changes toMB-System function and interfaces.--version-minorThis option causes mbconfig to output the minor version number of the installedMB-System. This is the second of three values in an MB-System versionstring, and is incremented infrequently in conjunction with significant changes toMB-System function.--version-archiveThis option causes mbconfig to output the archive version number of the installedMB-System. This is the third of three values in an MB-System versionstring, and corresponds to the revision number in the MB-System source codearchive. This number is incremented with every commitment of one or more changesto the source code archive. Typically the revision number increments severaltimes between MB-System releases.--levitusThis option causes mbconfig to output the path to the Levitus water soundspeed model database accessed by the program mblevitus.--otpsThis option causes mbconfig to output the location of the OTPS tidalprediction software accessed by program mbotps. EXAMPLESConsider an MB-System installation of release 5.5.2304 on an Apple MacBook Proin /usr/local with the OTPS software installed under /usr/local/src/OTPS2. In thiscase, use of mbconfig with various arguments has the following results: % mbconfig --prefix /usr/local/mbsystem % mbconfig --cflags -I/usr/local/include % mbconfig --libs -L/usr/local/libs % mbconfig --version 5.5.2304 % mbconfig --version-id 50502304 % mbconfig --version-major 5 % mbconfig --version-minor 5 % mbconfig --version-archive 2304 % mbconfig --levitus /usr/local/share/mbsystem/LevitusAnnual82.dat % mbconfig --otps /usr/local/src/OTPS2 % mbconfig --version --version-id \ --prefix --cflags --libs \ --version-major --version-minor --version-archive \ --levitus --otps --verbose # Program mbconfig # MB-system Version 5.5.2304 # MB-System install prefix: /usr/local # MB-System compile flags: -I/usr/local/include # MB-System link flags: -L/usr/local/libs # MB-System version: 5.5.2304 # MB-System version id: 50502304 # MB-System major version: 5 # MB-System minor version: 5 # MB-System archive version: 2304 # MB-System Levitus database location: /usr/local/share/mbsystem/LevitusAnnual82.dat # OTPS tide modeling package location: /usr/local/src/OTPS2 SEE ALSOmbsystem(1) BUGSThis program is not significant enough to deserve bugs. IndexNAMEVERSIONSYNOPSISDESCRIPTIONMB-SYSTEM AUTHORSHIPOPTIONSEXAMPLESSEE ALSOBUGSLast Updated: 12 May 2017


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