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No Smoking Film In Hindi Dubbed Download Extra Quality

The film begins with a man waking up in decrepit old house in an unknown area. He gets a call from his wife inquiring where he is. Unaware of his location, he searches the house for a cigarette. He accidentally opens a room and finds it filled with Russian soldiers. One of them starts chasing him and opens fire at him. He gets shot in the leg and jumps into a bathtub he finds in the snow.The man wakes up in a bathtub. He is revealed to be K (John Abraham), a wealthy businessman in his 30s. He is confident, narcissistic and very arrogant, and also completely addicted to smoking. He smokes almost constantly - at work, at home, even in the bath and while having sex. His friends and family beg him to quit, but to no avail. K's friend Abbas (Ranvir Shorey) and his doctor (Kiku Sharda), offer to set up an appointment at a rehabilitation centre called 'Prayogshaala' ('The Laboratory'), which they claim will surely rid K of his habit. K finally relents after his wife Anjali (Ayesha Takia) leaves him, unable to take the strain K's smoking addiction places on their relationship.

No Smoking film in hindi dubbed download

The idea for the film came during the making of Satya (1998), when director Ram Gopal Varma pitched a story about a chain smoker's encounter with someone who despises smoking. Varma later incorporated his own idea of the story as a short segment in his anthology film, Darna Mana Hai (2003). During the shooting of Kashyap's Black Friday, his assistant narrated him a different script about a chain smoker who wakes up without cigarettes and is unable to get any because of a curfew.[9] Kashyap decided to take the story forward, taking inspiration from Quitters, Inc. and a surreal moment from Cats Eye, subsequently making him develop the story into a darker and more unreal version.

After the scripting was complete in 2006, Kashyap narrated the film to Shah Rukh Khan, who was keen to do the film but later would back out for unknown reasons. When the deal fell through Kashyap who was in bad shape at the time, as one of his films were delayed and the other stuck in production, he tried to get a hold of all the top actors, though none of them responded except for Abraham.[16] Vishal Bhardwaj, Kashyap's friend and producer of the film recommended Saif Ali Khan, as he was part of the smoking segment in Darna Mana Hai, though Kashyap had already finalised Abraham. Later false reports surfaced that Saif will be appearing in a cameo, on the request of co-producer Kumar Mangat, who worked together in Omkara (2006).[17][18]

Due to the film having a complex storyline, when Kashyap was auditioning Abraham, he read him a badly written fake script titled Lapata (Lost), which Abraham declined to. After which he read him the real script of No Smoking, he immediately agreed to do it.[19] Initially Takia was not comfortable with the love making scenes and the clothes of the secretary (Annie), though Kashyap refused to make any changes.[20] There is also a scene where Abraham is seen nude from rear, this stirred up some controversy.[21] Abraham who had previously quit smoking, smoked up to 90 cigarettes a day during the shooting to give the film a more believable look. Later when the film was complete, Abraham went for an X-ray and found his lungs were heavily damaged.[22]

Most of the filming was done in unique ways. In one scene where Abraham and Shorey are seen as teenagers smoking Marijuana, most directors would have used child actors but Kashyap decided instead to alter the appearance of the actors and make them improvise and behave as kids themselves.[24]

The film was made on huge budget and at the time when it sank at the box office, the director Kashyap fell into depression not expecting the critics to lash at it.[44] He admitted that most of the audience expected to see a film about quitting smoking and that pre-release, the extensively played item song featuring Basu gave audience the wrong type of image as they expected her to play the lead role opposite Abraham.[11] In 2011, Kashyap stated that No Smoking was his favourite, of all his films.[45]

No Smoking is notable as being the only Bollywood film which can have multiple interpretations.[49] Kashyap explained that the film has nothing to do with quitting smoking but relatively about the state of mind, which refers to the mood or the mental state of the film's protagonist, K. He has left it upon the audience themselves to make their own interpretations and speculate what transpires.[50][51] There are many unofficial blogs on the internet by fans trying to solve the film's meaning.

The official soundtrack was composed by Vishal Bhardwaj who also co-produced the film. Background Score was done by Hitesh Sonik & Clinton Cerejo. The lyrics were penned by Gulzar.[52] The music rights were sold to Eros Entertainment and were released in September 2007.[53] The album is available to download from iTunes.[54]

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