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What You Need to Know About Myths of Moonrise: The Game that Challenges You to Become the Lord of Nights

Myths of Moonrise: A Guide to the Epic SLG Game

If you are looking for a thrilling and immersive SLG game that combines match-3 puzzles, hero collection, castle building, and strategic warfare, then you should check out Myths of Moonrise. This game will take you to a dark and chaotic world where you have to unite all races, rebuild your home, and fight against the Fallen. In this article, we will give you an overview of the game, its features, and some tips and tricks to help you become the best Lord of Nights.


What is Myths of Moonrise?

Myths of Moonrise is a free SLG game developed by StarFortune and available on Google Play. The game is set in a fantasy continent called Steland, where a meteor shower has brought destruction and despair. The Fallen, a group of evil creatures, have invaded the land and are threatening to wipe out all life. You are one of the survivors who have awakened an ancient Lord from his slumber. He commands you to gather all races, rebuild your castle, recruit heroes, and fight back against the Fallen. You will also have to form alliances with other players, explore dungeons and arenas, and compete for glory and resources.

myths of moonrise

Why should you play Myths of Moonrise?

Myths of Moonrise is not your typical SLG game. It offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience that combines different elements from various genres. Here are some reasons why you should play Myths of Moonrise:

  • It has stunning graphics and sound effects that create a realistic and immersive atmosphere.

  • It has a rich and diverse world with different races, heroes, enemies, and locations.

  • It has a challenging and rewarding match-3 puzzle system that requires strategy and skill.

  • It has a dynamic and interactive combat system that allows you to control your troops and heroes in real-time.

  • It has a social and cooperative aspect that lets you join alliances, chat with other players, and participate in events and wars.

  • It has a lot of content and features that keep you entertained and motivated.

Gameplay and Features

Rebuild Homes

The first thing you need to do in Myths of Moonrise is to rebuild your home. You will have to clear the ruins and obstacles that block your way. You will also have to collect resources such as wood, stone, food, mana, gold, etc. You can use these resources to upgrade your buildings, such as your castle, barracks, warehouse, academy, etc. Upgrading your buildings will unlock new functions and benefits for your domain. For example, upgrading your castle will increase your population limit, upgrading your barracks will unlock new troop types, upgrading your academy will unlock new research topics, etc.

Recruit Heroes

The next thing you need to do in Myths of Moonrise is to recruit heroes. Heroes are powerful units that can lead your troops in battle. They have different skills and attributes that can affect the outcome of the fight. You can recruit heroes from different races, such as vampires, werewolves, wizards, etc. You can also upgrade your heroes by leveling them up, enhancing their equipment, awakening their potential, etc. Upgrading your heroes will increase their stats and abilities.

Explore and Arena

The third thing you need to do in Myths of Moonrise is to explore dungeons and arenas. Dungeons are special stages that contain enemies, puzzles, traps, treasures and rewards. You can use your match-3 skills to solve the puzzles and defeat the enemies. You can also use your heroes' skills to turn the tide of the battle. Completing dungeons and arenas will give you various rewards, such as gold, gems, equipment, hero shards, etc. You can also rank up in the arena leaderboard and earn more prizes.

War Overlord

The fourth thing you need to do in Myths of Moonrise is to fight against the Fallen and other players. The Fallen are the main antagonists of the game, and they will constantly attack your domain and your allies. You have to defend your territory and repel their invasions. You can also launch counterattacks and raid their bases. You will also have to compete with other players for resources and glory. You can attack their castles, plunder their warehouses, and capture their mines. You can also challenge them in duels and tournaments.

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Create Alliances

The fifth thing you need to do in Myths of Moonrise is to join or create an alliance. An alliance is a group of players who share a common goal and interest. By joining an alliance, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Chatting and communicating with other members.

  • Sharing resources and information.

  • Helping each other with tasks and requests.

  • Participating in alliance events and wars.

  • Accessing alliance shops and bonuses.

An alliance can also help you expand your influence and power in the continent. You can cooperate with your allies to conquer more lands, defeat more enemies, and claim more rewards.

Guard Continent

The sixth thing you need to do in Myths of Moonrise is to guard the continent from the Fallen's threat. The continent is divided into several regions, each with its own features and challenges. You can explore these regions and discover their secrets. You can also claim these regions as your own and defend them from other players and the Fallen. By guarding the continent, you can earn more resources, reputation, and honor.

Tips and Tricks

How to get resources and rewards?

Resources and rewards are essential for your progress and development in Myths of Moonrise. Here are some ways to get them:

  • Complete quests and achievements. These will give you gold, gems, hero shards, equipment, etc.

  • Clear dungeons and arenas. These will give you gold, gems, equipment, hero shards, etc.

  • Raid mines and warehouses. These will give you wood, stone, food, mana, gold, etc.

  • Participate in events and wars. These will give you gold, gems, equipment, hero shards, etc.

  • Claim daily rewards and login bonuses. These will give you gold, gems, equipment, hero shards, etc.

How to upgrade your castle and troops?

Your castle and troops are the backbone of your domain and army. Here are some ways to upgrade them:

  • Collect resources. You will need wood, stone, food, mana, gold, etc. to upgrade your buildings and troops.

  • Research technologies. You will need to research various topics in your academy to improve your buildings and troops.

  • Train troops. You will need to train different types of troops in your barracks to increase your army size and strength.

  • Enhance equipment. You will need to enhance your equipment in your forge to increase your troops' stats and abilities.

How to win battles and challenges?

Battles and challenges are the core of Myths of Moonrise's gameplay. Here are some tips to win them:

  • Match 3 or more tiles of the same color to attack or defend.

  • Use your heroes' skills wisely to deal more damage or heal your troops.

  • Prioritize targets that pose more threat or have less health.

  • Avoid matching tiles that have negative effects or traps on them.

Use items or spells to boost your performance or hinder your enemies.</li


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