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Libreoffice Mac Snow Leopard Download Extra Quality

I have a compatibility question. I am using Office Live to edit .docx files online. But when I download the .docx files down to my Macbook pro (running snow leopard) and I try to open the .docx file in LibreOffice 3.3 I get the below error - but this doesn't happen on a Windows system. Is this a Mac issue, Office Live issue, or a LibreOffice on Mac issue or a little of all 3?

Libreoffice Mac Snow Leopard Download

There is a simple solution to out problem with the problem: try to download the adopted extension from the apache-own code website under as stated in my blog article ( -openofficeopenoffice-orglibreoffice-pdfimporter/). This extension works even without administration rights under Win7 64bit as far as I could test it.


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