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Buy London Phone Booth !NEW!

For just 1, more than 5,000 communities have turned our iconic red phone boxes into something that brings more value and enjoyment to local people - from libraries, to food banks, and defibrillators.

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Every time a London red telephone box is for sale, someone will snap it up, transforming it into the likes of a mini tourist information centre, a home for a defibrillator or a compact library. During our recent travels, we spotted a small London telephone booth bookcase in a Devon village.

You can find another spot near Westminster station for photographing a telephone booth in London. Take exit 4 as before, but this time turn right and head straight on until you see Parliament Square on your left.

A spot near the Tower of London provides another opportunity for taking London telephone booth photos. To find this red London telephone box, aim to reach St Katharine Docks Marina, which lies to the left of the Tower when facing the Thames.

Head to the corner of King and James Streets to find another pair of boxes to feature in your London telephone booth souvenir photos. Look out for the Apple store on The Piazza, close to the famous markets.

LEGO Ideas has announced the results of the Second 2022 Review Round and The Nightmare Before Christmas and Red London Telephone Box have been selected as the winners, and will now enter production!

After prospering in Atlanta, Red Phone Booth brings its 1920s speakeasy concept to downtown Nashville at 136 Rosa Parks Blvd. While Red Phone Booth is open to the public, guests will need to secure an exclusive phone number from a member, concierge or friend and dial it into a restored London antique red phone booth to gain entry.

By the new millennium England had started removing the famous booths that date back to the 1920s. The spread of mobile phones would make them even more obsolete in the twenty-first century. Still, the private conversation portal has persisted as a national symbol today, everywhere from Instagram selfies to the set of Ted Lasso.

Fiant also previewed the next two releases in the series. The second blend will have a neon green sticker and will be a 6 x 56 toro gordo that uses a Mexican San Andrés wrapper, while the third blend will have a pink sticker and will be a 4 1/2 x 54 petit robusto with a pigtail cap that uses a habano maduro wrapper. Both of those cigars, along with all the cigars in the Telephone Booth Series, will be priced at $14.60 per cigar. Those two cigars will have production runs of 3,000 and 4,000 cigars, respectively.

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Some of London's famous red telephone boxes are going green, transformed into free, solar-powered mobile chargers to provide a carbon-neutral source of energy in the city.

A second solarbox is expected to be opened in January while more will follow. Organisers did not put a number on how many of London's red phone boxes, which are increasingly unused, will be converted into solarboxes.

Jen, This transformation is awesome.I know you want to sell it at the market but, what about using this in your playroom filled with books or items from around the world.Your picture in the phone booth in London above. On the wall and a globe placed on a stack of books. They can Learn about the world and your love of London. Happy Creating , Karen Marie

The cultural touchstone was then revived when bought by the Red Kiosk Company (RKC) who hired or sold them to entrepreneurs with an idea. Of the 11,000 still scattered around the capital, you can visit many booths rekindled into the likes of locally loved coffee shacks, sandwich shops and even small book exchanges.

Café owners and couple Loreinis Hernandez and Sean Rafferty founded Amar Café with locations in both Chiswick and Twickenham. Ethically sourced coffee from Colombia is the pride of their booth, which can also be bought online and in-store from their bricks-and-mortar Chelsea location. Although their booths began as a creative solution to the pandemic, all of their London spots have thrived since.

This booth, located in the Hortillonnages in Amiens, France, is designed to better connect its users with nature. Visitors to the marshy location pick up the receiver and hear sounds of lesser-known wildlife in the area.

This phone booth in London's Bloomsburg Square has been given new life as a gourmet salad restaurant. Spier's Salads, run by Ben Spier, offers a deli-style selection of dishes that include an avocado pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes, and a nectarine-based couscous.

The creators of Berlin, Germany's Teledisko have turned an abandoned phone booth into the world's smallest dance club. For 2 euros per song, you (and as many friends as you can cram into the box) can dance the night away.

The British inspired London Telephone Booth design can sit on a post or be hung from a tree with the included rope. The phone booth cover lifts up to allow the structure to be filled with seeds. The seeds will be dispensed from the bottom of the booth as the birds start feeding. Birds will start enjoying this bird house immediately. No tools or assembly required. We have designed our bird houses to be functional for the birds and the owners. Measures 7.48" x 7.48" x 9.84".

A bloody good way to add a bit of Anglophile charm to your back yard. Brightly painted the exact shade of red of the classic phone boxes you see across the British Empire, this sturdy birdfeeder holds a generous stock of seed for flying friends. Made out of plywood and plastic. 16"H plus nylon hanging cord.

This collection of miniature tea tins has been inspired by famous London landmarks and icons: the Routemaster Bus, Union Jack flag and telephone box. Each tin contains high quality loose leaf tea - enough to make 10 cups of tea or more. The tea has been protectively packed for utmost freshness by New English Teas.

Red Phone Booth is a unique dining and drinking experience, featuring a turn-of-the-century craft cocktail selection and an exclusive cigar program. While the lounge will be open to the public, part of the prohibition experience is guests need a secret phone number from a member, local hotel or restaurant to dial into the restored London antique red phone booth to gain entry.

For remote workers in London tired of working from coffee shops, one coworking company is about to launch another option: For the equivalent price of a couple of cups of coffee a week, it will be possible to temporarily rent a tiny (and private) office in an old, iconic phone booth.

Inside the booths, there will be a printer and scanner, power outlets, Wi-Fi, a 25-inch monitor, and free coffee and tea. Membership at the booths, called Pod Works, costs 19.99 a month (about $30) and will give access to more than 20 booths across the city.

Bar Works has leased 23 phone booths so far in London and plans to expand throughout the city and the U.K. as soon as it gets permission from planning commissions. The first mini-offices, which are being retrofitted now, will open this summer.

When I first visited London last year, I loved the bright red phone booths that are sprinkled throughout the city. They are very popular with tourists, and many of them are actually working phone booths. A few have been turned into book exchanges - leave a used book inside and take another home to read.

After decades of abandonment - with many boxes left in a derelict state - action is being taken by a local restoration company that set up the nation's largest 'telephone box graveyard' in Merstham in Surrey.

The K6, which was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V's coronation in 1935, is largely identified as THE red telephone box. 60,000 examples of these were installed across Britain, which is why the K6 has come to represent what many regard as the typical red phone box.

The K2 is deemed as the original phone box having been created in 1926, while the K8 was introduced in 1968 and was a radical change to suit the mood of the Sixties in a more futuristic design; this was the last of the red kiosks to be produced and very few are in service.

I find it shocking and sad to see these old-fashioned symbols of England filled with sleezy ads for prostitutes every night. Perhaps they will have to be put inside of locked buildings at night to preserve their character. How about using them as charging stations for cell phones with dead batteries with a coin-operated system?

Hi Rick,Just a suggestion. How about a Jick Steves booth filled with top tourist information. Great for getting tourist bearings and also for ifo about update of places to see. The booth could have a numbers lock that a Rick Steves tour guide could i phone you or at your web site. Might show these Yanks really do care about the Red Phone Booths.

Hi Rick,I just returned from a visit to the Tuscany region of Italy. We were in Barga and there was one of the Red telephone booths there doing double duty as a reference point for going into the old town and also as a Free Lending Library. When we got lost walking around, we just found our way back to the red telephone booth!

I haven't visited Abbey Road but I did take a photo of myself in a red phone booth when I was in London a few years ago. I have found the same booths in the BVI and made sure to snap a picture in one there. 041b061a72


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