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Sargoshiyan 3 Full Movie Download 720p: How to Experience the Beauty and Spirit of Kashmir

Sargoshiyan 3 Full Movie Download 720p: How to Watch the Latest Bollywood Drama Online

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you might have heard of the movie series Sargoshiyan, which means Whispers in English. The first two movies were released in 2017 and 2019, respectively, and they were praised for their portrayal of the beauty and culture of Kashmir. The third movie, Sargoshiyan 3, was released in May 2021, and it continues the story of the characters who travel across Kashmir and discover its secrets and charms.

Sargoshiyan 3 Full Movie Download 720p

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Sargoshiyan 3, including its plot, cast, and crew. We will also show you how to watch Sargoshiyan 3 online legally and safely, as well as some alternative ways to download the movie for free. So, if you are interested in watching this latest Bollywood drama, read on and find out more.

What is Sargoshiyan 3 About?

Sargoshiyan 3 is a Hindi-language drama film directed and produced by Imran Khan, who also stars in the movie. It is the third installment of the Sargoshiyan series, which follows the lives and adventures of a group of friends who explore Kashmir and its people.

The Plot of Sargoshiyan 3

The movie begins with a flashback to the events of the previous movie, where Imran (Imran Khan), a photographer, Vikram (Indraneil Sengupta), a bank employee, Sheena (Sara Khan), an NRI student, and Payal (Aditi Bhatia), a journalist, met each other in Kashmir and became friends. They also encountered various locals, such as Rahima (Farida Jalal), a kind-hearted woman who runs an orphanage, Pandit Raina (Alok Nath), a Hindu priest who lives in harmony with Muslims, Hamza (Shahbaaz Khan), a former militant who now works as a guide, and Alan (Tom Alter), an American writer who loves Kashmir.

In the present day, Imran invites his friends to join him for another trip to Kashmir, where he plans to propose to Sheena. However, things do not go as smoothly as he hoped. Vikram faces trouble at his bank due to a fraud case involving his boss. Payal gets kidnapped by some militants who demand ransom. Sheena gets cold feet about marrying Imran. And Imran himself gets involved in a mysterious conspiracy that threatens his life and his love.

Will Imran and his friends overcome these challenges and find happiness in Kashmir? Will they uncover the truth behind the conspiracy? Will they witness the beauty and spirit of Kashmir once again? To find out, you have to watch Sargoshiyan 3 online.

The Cast and Crew of Sargoshiyan 3

The movie features many of the same actors from the previous movies, as well as some new faces. Here is a list of the main cast and crew members of Sargoshiyan 3:

  • Imran Khan as Imran Dar: He is a photographer who loves Kashmir and Sheena. He is the director and producer of the movie as well.

  • Sara Khan as Sheena Khan: She is an NRI student who studies in London and loves Imran. She is unsure about marrying him and moving to India.

  • Indraneil Sengupta as Vikram Roy: He is a bank employee who is loyal to his friends and his wife. He gets into trouble with his boss and the law.

  • Aditi Bhatia as Payal Sharma: She is a journalist who is brave and adventurous. She gets kidnapped by some militants who want to use her for their agenda.

  • Farida Jalal as Rahima Bi: She is a kind-hearted woman who runs an orphanage in Kashmir. She treats Imran and his friends like her own children.

  • Alok Nath as Pandit Raina: He is a Hindu priest who lives in harmony with Muslims in Kashmir. He teaches Imran and his friends about the history and culture of Kashmir.

  • Shahbaaz Khan as Hamza Khan: He is a former militant who now works as a guide in Kashmir. He helps Imran and his friends in their journey and protects them from danger.

  • Tom Alter as Alan Smith: He is an American writer who loves Kashmir and its people. He has written many books about Kashmir and its issues.

  • Kiran Kumar as Mr. Khanna: He is the boss of Vikram at the bank. He is involved in a fraud case that puts Vikram in trouble.

  • Rakesh Bedi as Inspector Sharma: He is a police officer who investigates the fraud case at the bank. He suspects Vikram of being involved in the crime.

  • Nawab Shah as Zafar Khan: He is the leader of the militants who kidnap Payal. He wants to use her to expose the conspiracy behind the movie.

  • Zarina Wahab as Mrs. Dar: She is Imran's mother who lives in Mumbai. She supports Imran's decision to marry Sheena and move to Kashmir.

  • Hassan Zaidi as Rizwan Dar: He is Imran's brother who lives in Mumbai. He helps Imran with his photography business and his marriage plans.

  • Khalid Siddiqui as Asif Khan: He is Sheena's father who lives in London. He opposes Sheena's relationship with Imran and wants her to marry someone else.

  • Natasha Rastogi as Nafisa Khan: She is Sheena's mother who lives in London. She supports Sheena's choice of Imran and tries to convince her husband to accept him.

The movie also features many other actors who play supporting roles, such as Kashmiri locals, orphans, militants, police officers, journalists, etc. The movie was shot in various locations in Kashmir, such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, etc. The movie also has a musical score composed by Aslam Surty, which includes songs sung by Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Mohit Chauhan, etc.

Where to Watch Sargoshiyan 3 Online?

If you want to watch Sargoshiyan 3 online, you have several options to choose from. However, not all of them are legal or safe. Some of them may expose you to malware, viruses, or legal issues. Therefore, you should be careful about where you stream or download the movie from. Here are some of the ways you can watch Sargoshiyan 3 online:

Legal Streaming Sites for Sargoshiyan 3

The best way to watch Sargoshiyan 3 online is to use legal streaming sites that have the rights to show the movie. These sites are safe, reliable, and high-quality. They also offer various features, such as subtitles, multiple devices, offline viewing, etc. However, they may require you to pay a subscription fee or rent the movie individually. Here are some of the legal streaming sites that have Sargoshiyan 3 available online:

Name of Site

Subscription Fee/Rental Fee



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