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Binding Of Isaac Mods Achievements

In Afterbirth+ and Repentance, having any enabled mod will disable the ability to unlock any achievements to encourage new players to play the game without any. To enable unlocking achievements with mods enabled, you need to defeat Mom at least once with all of your mods disabled. If your mods disappear after installing them (only on cracked versions of AB+), it is greatly recommended to defeat Mom's Heart once.

binding of isaac mods achievements

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The Binding of Isaac's modding community is a strong one, and already Repentance-specific mods are coming in fast. While some of them aim to 'fix' some of the balance decisions that players feel were detrimental, many mods add new content and great quality of life changes. Players need to note that the game encourages new players to play without mods first for a 'vanilla' experience. It does this by disabling achievements until the player has defeated 'Mom' (the first final boss) without mods. After that milestone, players are free to mod to their hearts' delights. With that said, let's look at some of the better mods to consider downloading.

Thanks to the Steam Workshop (one of the many handy Steam features), it's easy to install and use mods with your Steam games. However, you might find that some of these mods cause achievements not to unlock. This could be because the mod changes the gameplay or your character's performance, to the point where it doesn't fulfill the achievement's unlock requirements. It could also be a bug.

Another problem were the mods and console commands. Klei decided to give the players a huge freedom by letting us use mods and commands (which I and many people really like). Now, killing bearger for the achievement would be a minute for every noob by reading the guide "how to get all achievements with console commands" and the achievements would lose their sense. Okay then, let's say achievements cannot be earned in worlds where the console was used. Achievement hunters will say: okay dokay, we'll make mods that solve this problem. Klei could say then, okay, no mods can be allowed to get achievements. (There would be still the question if client-only mods could be allowed, because they don't change the game, but many of them still help a lot.) But then Klei would practically ban people who like to play with mods from getting the achievements and they had to chose: mods or achievements. And this is definitely not what Klei wants.


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