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Warriors Orochi 2 Cwcheat Usa

In Warriors Orochi, the titular serpent king decides to merge third-century China with 16th-century Japan, conveniently uniting characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games. The brave heroes ultimately put aside their cultural and temporal differences to thwart Orochi's plans to conquer this strange new world. But it's not long before violence and unrest again befall the land. There are a total of five stories to select from in Orochi 2's Story mode: one for each of the three kingdoms of China, one for the Samurai Warriors of Japan, and one about Orochi along with his followers, which serves as a prequel to the first game. Each story is equally awful. The use of static character portraits is lame while the dialogue is clumsy and full of awkward anachronisms like "Breaking news!" The voice acting is also appalling. The narrator sounds like he's reading the news on NPR, and the broad characterizations of the warriors, who sound like pompous aristocrats, dumb oafs, or valley girls, don't endear the characters to you one bit. On the contrary, just spending time in their company is unpleasant.

Warriors Orochi 2 Cwcheat Usa


At least the first Warriors Orochi game had the novelty of the crossover concept, which was a clever bit of fan service. By now, that novelty has worn off. With each subsequent iteration of the Warriors series, the gameplay feels increasingly tired. Warriors Orochi 2 has a whopping 92 playable characters, which is 13 more warriors than in the last game, but just tossing more characters into the mix does nothing to correct the fundamental problems with the series.

Warriors Orochi allows the player to choose three-man teams to play in-battle and are limited to playing only one character at a time. Inactive warriors recuperate health and Musou. Switch to the other characters in a team via L2 or R2. Although the player chooses a team, a single character's death leads to a stage's failure. During 2P co-op, the second player must use the same team the first player has picked. Working closely with other allies causes characters to slowly regenerate health.


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