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Arena Breakout APK for Android: How to Get the Escape from Tarkov-like Game from Uptodown

Arena Breakout APK Uptodown: How to Play the Escape from Tarkov-like Game on Android

Are you looking for a thrilling and immersive multiplayer shooter game that will test your skills and strategy? Do you want to experience the adrenaline rush of looting, fighting and escaping from a hostile environment? If you answered yes, then you should check out Arena Breakout, a game that is inspired by the popular PC game Escape from Tarkov. In this article, we will tell you what Arena Breakout is, how to download it for free on your Android device, and how to play it like a pro.

What is Arena Breakout?

Arena Breakout is a next-gen immersive tactical FPS, and a first-of-its-kind extraction looter shooter that pushes the limits of war simulation on mobile. It is developed by Tencent Games, one of the leading gaming companies in the world. Here are some of the features that make Arena Breakout stand out from other mobile games:

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A multiplayer shooter and survival game

In Arena Breakout, you will face other players from around the world in intense and realistic combat scenarios. You will have to use your skills, tactics and weapons to eliminate your enemies, or avoid them if you prefer. You will also have to survive environmental hazards, such as radiation, traps and snipers. The game offers different modes, such as solo, duo and squad, so you can play alone or with your friends.

A free-to-play game with in-app purchases and equipment market

Arena Breakout is a free game that you can download and play without paying anything. However, it also has in-app purchases that allow you to buy premium items, such as weapons, outfits and accessories. You can also sell your loot in the online market integrated into the game, where you can trade with other players. This way, you can customize your character and improve your performance in the game.

How to download Arena Breakout APK on Android

Since Arena Breakout is not available on Google Play Store, you will need to download its APK file from a third-party source. One of the best options is Uptodown, a reliable and safe platform that offers thousands of apps and games for Android. Here are the steps to download Arena Breakout APK on Android using Uptodown:

Step 1: Open the Arena Breakout page on Uptodown

Use your phones browser to open the on Uptodown. You will see a brief description of the game, some screenshots and a download button.

Step 2: Download the APK file of Arena Breakout

Tap on the download button and wait for the APK file to be downloaded on your device. It may take a few minutes depending on your internet speed. If you get a prompt, choose Download anyway and then tap Install.

Step 3: Install the APK file on your device

When the download is complete, tap on the APK file and proceed to install it. You may need to enable unknown sources in your settings if this is your first time installing an APK file. Once the installation is done, you can launch the game and enjoy it.

How to play Arena Breakout on Android

Now that you have downloaded and installed Arena Breakout on your Android device, you are ready to play it and have fun. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started and master the game:

Use touch controls to move, shoot and aim

Arena Breakout has intuitive touch controls that allow you to control your character with ease. You can use the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move, and the buttons on the right side to shoot, aim, reload, switch weapons, crouch, jump and interact. You can also adjust the sensitivity and layout of the controls in the settings menu.

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Enter a battle zone, loot and escape

The main mode of Arena Breakout is the extraction mode, where you have to enter a battle zone, loot as much as you can, and escape before the time runs out or you get killed. You can choose from different maps, such as factory, customs, woods and shoreline, each with its own challenges and opportunities. You will also have to deal with other players, AI enemies and environmental hazards. The more loot you collect, the more money you earn, but also the more risk you take. You can use the extraction points marked on the map to leave the zone safely.

Buy and sell equipment in the market

Arena Breakout has a dynamic and realistic equipment market, where you can buy and sell weapons, armor, ammo, meds and other items. You can use the money you earn from looting or completing missions to buy new equipment or upgrade your existing ones. You can also sell your unwanted or excess items to other players or vendors. The prices of the items vary depending on their supply and demand, so you have to be smart and strategic when trading.


Arena Breakout is a game that will keep you hooked for hours with its immersive gameplay, realistic graphics and sound effects, and diverse content. It is a game that will challenge your skills, strategy and nerves as you loot, fight and escape from a hostile environment. If you are a fan of Escape from Tarkov or similar games, you should definitely give Arena Breakout a try. You can download it for free on your Android device from Uptodown, one of the best platforms for apps and games.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Arena Breakout:



Is Arena Breakout safe to download?

Yes, Arena Breakout is safe to download from Uptodown, as it is verified by antivirus software and does not contain any malware or viruses.

Is Arena Breakout online or offline?

Arena Breakout is an online game that requires an internet connection to play. You can play solo or with your friends in different modes.

How much storage space does Arena Breakout need?

Arena Breakout needs about 1 GB of storage space on your device. You may also need to download additional data when you launch the game for the first time.

Can I play Arena Breakout on PC?

No, Arena Breakout is only available for Android devices at the moment. However, you may be able to play it on PC using an Android emulator.

How can I contact the developers of Arena Breakout?

You can contact the developers of Arena Breakout by sending an email to . You can also follow them on their official social media accounts for updates and news.


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