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Well aged living home based options explored. Flexing to meet the challenges of caring for an aging family member. MOD Legacy arrives to provide the dwelling a full functioning stand alone living suite. A two unit mode configuration combines and attaches to the home providing multi layered experience opportunity to mature the core plan home. The ability to flex to a complete accessible living unit that doubles as a great guesthouse and outdoor kitchen for all the outside events. Core plan matures and flexes over the family life cycle.

matures gallery

Nearby and Zone Lookup configurable apps were updated to use a new, updated configuration panel earlier this year. The older apps were moved to mature support when the newer apps were released. The blog referenced in your question was updated to point to the new Nearby app. If you are seeing the mature apps in your configurable app gallery when creating new apps your organization may have set a custom group to be the configurable app gallery. Visit this help topic for steps on how to get the latest configurable apps into your gallery.

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