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EasyWorship 6 Bibles - A Guide to Choosing and Using Digital Bibles

A lot has changed in 21 years. Churches are called to be good stewards of what God has given them. With so many choices, churches need to clearly understand what is under the hood of the worship software solution that they are evaluating. How many computers do they need to install it on? And equally as important, what bibles come with the worship presentation software?

Easyworship 6 Bibles -


Public domain bibles are those that are not copyrighted. These are bibles that there are no legal restrictions on copying or publishing them. No publisher is paid for these bibles. Sometimes, the bibles a church uses fits perfectly into what is included in the MediaShout 7 (Single) version. Some use the King James version, or American Standard version for example.

Published bibles are those where each publisher (such as Zondervan) receives royalties. Some of those published bibles are the New International Version (NIV), New Living Translation (NLT), The Message, New King James Version (NKJV), and many more.

EasyWorship is subscription-based and pricing depends on the attendance size of your church. EasyWorship does offer some free bibles (40 to choose from their bibles download page here). EasyWorship does have more bibles, but charges for each individual Bible needed. The prices range from $14-$39.

ProPresenter (Seat) comes with (1) activation (you can install ProPresenter on one computer at a time) and it comes with 46 free public domain bibles. Public domain bibles are those that are not copyrighted.

ProPresenter (Campus) is for Houses of Worship only and comes with a campus license (This allows you to install ProPresenter on up to 20 computers in one location). It also comes with 46 public domain bibles. ProPresenter has 52 individual paid bibles to choose from. The bibles are $15 each, per computer.

OpenLP is the best FREE church presentation software for 2021. It is open-source church presentation software. OpenLP comes with 30 free, public domain bibles. No bibles can be purchased to add to the software.

Download EasyWorship 6 Crack License Key with offline bibles is a completely free and 100% presentation tool for PCs, with the easy arrangement of Easy Worship Bible and Worship songs, display that worked in which empowers clients to plan and make their significant show. It is an exceptionally accommodating tool for media-rich introductions that you can make effectively.


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