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Escolhida ao Anoitecer: A Melhor Forma de Ler o Último Livro da Série Os Sobrenaturais em Epub

Escolhida ao Anoitecer: A thrilling paranormal romance by C.C. Hunter

If you are a fan of supernatural stories, you will love Escolhida ao Anoitecer, the fifth and final book in the Os Sobrenaturais series by C.C. Hunter. This book follows the adventures of Kylie Galen, a teenage girl who discovers that she has special powers and belongs to a hidden world of vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies, and shapeshifters. In this book, Kylie has to face her biggest challenges yet: finding out who she really is, choosing between two boys who love her, and saving her friends from a deadly enemy.

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In this article, we will tell you more about the plot of Escolhida ao Anoitecer, the benefits of reading it in epub format, and how to get it for free or at a low price. Read on to find out why you should not miss this exciting book!

The plot of Escolhida ao Anoitecer

Escolhida ao Anoitecer picks up where the previous book, Sussurros ao Luar, left off. Kylie Galen is back at Shadow Falls, a summer camp for supernaturals, after escaping from the evil Mario and his rogue vampires. She is still confused about her true identity, as she seems to have abilities from different supernatural species. She also has to deal with her parents' divorce and their lack of understanding of her situation.

Kylie's love life is also complicated, as she has to choose between Lucas, a sexy werewolf who is her soulmate, and Derek, a sweet half-fairy who can heal her wounds. Both of them are willing to fight for her heart, but Kylie is afraid of hurting them or losing them.

As if that was not enough, Kylie also has to solve the mystery of a ghost girl who haunts her dreams and warns her of a dark fate. Kylie suspects that the ghost girl is somehow related to her and holds the key to her destiny. She also has to protect her friends from a new threat: a group of rogue werewolves who are after them.

Will Kylie be able to discover who she really is and what she is meant to do? Will she be able to save her friends from danger? And who will she choose to be with: Lucas or Derek? You will have to read Escolhida ao Anoitecer to find out!

The benefits of reading Escolhida ao Anoitecer in epub format

If you want to read Escolhida ao Anoitecer, you might want to consider getting it in epub format. Epub is a popular digital format for ebooks that can be read on various devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, and more. Epub stands for electronic publication and it is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different screen sizes and resolutions.

There are many advantages of reading Escolhida ao Anoitecer in epub format over other formats such as PDF or MOBI. Some of them are:

  • You can adjust the font size, style, color, and brightness according to your preferences and comfort.

  • You can bookmark pages, highlight passages, add notes, and search for words or phrases within the text.

  • You can access extra features such as audio narration, video clips, interactive quizzes, hyperlinks, and more.

  • You can save space on your device as epub files are usually smaller than PDF or MOBI files.

  • You can easily transfer epub files between different devices using USB cables or wireless connections.

To read Escolhida ao Anoitecer in epub format, you will need an app or software that can open and display epub files. Some examples are:

  • For computers: Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Sumatra PDF

  • For tablets and smartphones: Google Play Books, Apple Books, Kobo Books

  • For e-readers: Kindle (with conversion), Nook, Kobo

How to get Escolhida ao Anoitecer for free or at a low price

If you are interested in reading Escolhida ao Anoitecer in epub format but you don't want to spend too much money on it, don't worry. There are some ways to get it for free or at a low price legally and ethically. Here are some tips:

  • Check your local library: Many libraries offer ebooks for loan that you can download and read on your device for a limited time. You will need a library card and an app that supports library ebooks such as OverDrive or Libby.

  • Join an online book club: Some online book clubs offer free or discounted ebooks for their members as part of their monthly or weekly selections. You will need to sign up for an account and follow their rules and guidelines.

  • Look for deals and promotions: Some websites offer free or cheap ebooks for a limited time as part of their deals and promotions. You will need to check them regularly and act fast before they expire.

Some examples of websites that offer free or cheap ebooks are:

  • BookBub: This website sends you daily email alerts with personalized recommendations for free or discounted ebooks in your favorite genres.

  • Freebooksy: This website features thousands of free ebooks in various categories that you can download directly or through Amazon.

  • Smashwords: This website is a platform for independent authors and publishers who offer their ebooks for free or at a low price.


Escolhida ao Anoitecer is a captivating paranormal romance that will keep you hooked until the end. It is the last book in the Os Sobrenaturais series by C.C. Hunter that follows the journey of Kylie Galen as she discovers her true identity and destiny in a world of supernatural creatures. You will enjoy this book if you like stories with action, mystery, romance, humor, and friendship.

If you want to read Escolhida ao Anoitecer in epub format, you will benefit from its flexibility and adaptability to different devices and preferences. You will also be able to get it for free or at a low price by following some tips such as checking your library, joining an online book club, or looking for deals and promotions.

What are you waiting for? Download Escolhida ao Anoitecer today and immerse yourself in this thrilling story!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the genre of Escolhida ao Anoitecer?

Escolhida ao Anoitecer is a paranormal romance novel with elements of fantasy, mystery, humor, and drama.

  • Who is the author of Escolhida ao Anoitecer?

The author of Escolhida ao Anoitecer is C.C. Hunter (Christie Craig), an American writer who also writes romantic suspense novels under her real name.

  • What is the order of the Os Sobrenaturais series?

  • What is the order of the Os Sobrenaturais series?

The order of the Os Sobrenaturais series by C.C. Hunter is:

  • Nascida à Meia-Noite (Born at Midnight)

  • Desperta ao Amanhecer (Awake at Dawn)

  • Levada ao Entardecer (Taken at Dusk)

  • Sussurros ao Luar (Whispers at Moonrise)

  • Escolhida ao Anoitecer (Chosen at Nightfall)

  • Is Escolhida ao Anoitecer a standalone book or do I need to read the previous books first?

Escolhida ao Anoitecer is not a standalone book and it is recommended that you read the previous books first to understand the plot and the characters better. However, if you don't mind some spoilers, you can still enjoy Escolhida ao Anoitecer as a separate book.

  • Are there any spin-off books or series related to Escolhida ao Anoitecer?

Yes, there are some spin-off books and series related to Escolhida ao Anoitecer. Some of them are:

  • Turned at Dark: A short story that tells the backstory of Della Tsang, Kylie's vampire friend.

  • Saved at Sunrise: A novella that follows Della's mission with the FRU (Fallen Research Unit).

  • Unbreakable: A novella that focuses on Chase Tallman, a mysterious shapeshifter who has a crush on Della.

  • Shadow Falls: After Dark: A trilogy that continues Della's story after Escolhida ao Anoitecer.

  • Almost Midnight: A collection of short stories that features Miranda Kane, Kylie's witch friend.

  • Shadow Falls: The Beginning: A bind-up of the first two books in the Os Sobrenaturais series.

  • Reborn: A spin-off series that follows a new heroine, Stormy Smith, who has a connection to Shadow Falls.


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