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Winbox Loader v2.2.15 English.18: The Ultimate Guide for MikroTik Router Users

there is one major problem that prevents winbox from becoming a great router - its ui is very hard to use. for example, its settings can be accessed through the help tab by opening it up and choosing the command line option. however, this function also requires that you know the router's ip address so that you can add it to the end of the command.

winbox loader v2.2.15 English.18

this software is designed with an undocumented command line function that allows you to manually upload the bootloader's firmware. in order to use this function, you need to know the router's ip address and the file name of the bootloader. in most cases, you can't have the router's ip address because it is always hidden, and the only way to get it is to open up the command line and add it to the end of the command.

however, you can get the ip address of the router by performing a ping command using the console functions. then, you can upload the bootloader's firmware by adding the router's ip address to the end of the bootloader file name in the console.

once you've successfully booted the firmware, you can run the following command in order to start the winbox gui. this will present the bootloader interface in its full glory. on top of that, this program can also be used to configure your router's ipv4 settings as well as ipv6 settings such as the ip address, the gateway and the dns servers.


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