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Download Zorin OS Lite: A Powerful and Versatile Linux OS for Your PC

How much does Zorin OS cost?You can download and use the Core or Lite editions of Zorin OS completely free. For more advanced features, additional apps, and support, you can purchase Zorin OS Pro from here.

Will my computer work with Zorin OS?If your computer is 15 years old or newer, chances are it should work with Zorin OS. You can check if your computer meets the system requirements.If you're thinking of purchasing Zorin OS Pro and aren't sure if your computer is compatible, you can download Zorin OS Core or Lite for free to test-drive it by running it from a USB flash drive first.

zorin os lite download

Download apk:

How long does it take to get Zorin OS?The time it takes to download Zorin OS and create a USB install drive will depend on your Internet connection and hardware. Zorin OS usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes to install on your computer, just enough time to have a coffee. You can find out how to install Zorin OS here.

After installing Zorin OS 15.2, you will have the latest versions of the pre-installed packages. That means fewer software updates will need to be downloaded after installing Zorin OS onto your computer. Newer versions of apps such as LibreOffice and the GNU Image Manipulation Program have been introduced, so you can take your work and creativity further.

Zorin OS is divided into three versions. Pro, Lite, and Core. You can download the free Zorin OS Lite and Zorin OS Core versions from the Zorin OS website.

Based on Zorin OS 16, which has been downloaded more than 1 million times since its release back in mid-August 2021, the Zorin OS 16 Lite edition is here to offer those who want to install the latest version of this Ubuntu-based operating system on a streamlined distribution designed to run on low-spec computers from 15 years ago.

Please note, Zorin OS has an Ultimate Edition which cost a small $39 (USD). We do not support offer this version as this is how they make money. We do not crack and redistribute projects that are not free to download. You can purchase the ultimate version here .

Next up, there are two checkboxes. The first option will download and install the updates while the installation process takes time and the second option will install 3rd-party apps and tools for convenience. Checking the first option will significantly prolong the installation time (depending on your internet speed and location).

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