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Best Place To Buy Honeybells

Florida and oranges go together like PB&J. This sweet orange jewel is the symbol of the sunny state of Florida. Whether you are searching for classic Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges, or Honeybells, you will find these varieties and more at the best orange groves in Florida. Some of these groves offer pick-your-own options; others have farm stands where they have been freshly picked for you. Many of these orange groves offer shipping across the USA so you can enjoy the freshest citrus fruit, when it is the height of the season, delivered right to your front door.

best place to buy honeybells

One of the best orange groves in Florida is Showcase of Citrus. Whether you want to try orange picking or pick other citrus fruits, this 2500 acre citrus farm has sweet juicy fruit just waiting for you. You can grab a basket and head out to pick your own oranges or simply visit the Old Time Country Store and grab a bag ready to go for you.

As one of the best orange groves in Florida, they offer high-quality fruit shipped across the USA. The Shop is a must-stop if you are in the area. You can sip on some excellent fresh orange juice and sample the fabulous items they sell.

Plan a stop at Dundee Groves where you can select your oranges to take with you or ship them off to friends and family. Since 1967 this family-run business is one of the best orange groves in Florida. In addition to a selection of oranges, they offer amazing marmalades, jellies, butters, and other delectable delights.

For over 100 years, the Shelfer family has been tending some of the best orange groves in Florida. At Joshua Citrus you will find groves of gorgeous fruit. Take a tour on a farm wagon through the citrus groves and experience the glorious scent of orange blossoms. Discover the beauty of orange tree branches loaded down with pretty little citrus jewels. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.

I usually go to Temple grove, but I'm just looking to see if there's anywhere cheaper that's just as good. Also, are there any u-pick places nearby? I did a search, but I seem to come up with different results with different websites.

We've been going here for years. They sell at the Farmer's markets, but it's cheaper at their stand. No u-pick, but good prices. They have large bins of fruit from which you can select your own. The u-pick places all went the way of the developers.

Honeybell Tangelos are great for all sorts of dishes, including fruit salads, green salads and fruit drinks. Some even put vinaigrette dressing on them. Honeybells can also be placed on top of focaccia. Grilled Honeybell oranges are also a popular choice. Marinades made with Honeybell oranges are a great choice, too.

Fresh fruit gifts are more popular than ever before. Fruit baskets have always been a part of Christmas celebrations but they are also popular gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and other events. Whether the fruit is gourmet fruit like Honeybells, or organically grown, or just good wholesome fruit that the whole family can enjoy fruit gifts are always a hit. When you order fresh fruit online you should be sure that you are ordering from a reputable company that has a reputation for high quality. That way you can trust that the fruit you are sending to your loved ones is the very best quality that you can get. Here are some of the best places to buy fresh fruit gifts:

When it comes to honeybells, plant location is a major factor for successful growth. Because they are extremely sensitive to even slight variations in temperature, honeybells can only be grown in certain regions of the country. Today, most of the honeybell trees in America grow along a section of the Indian River in Florida (which is why they are also known as Florida honeybells or Indian River honeybells). You can also find honeybell groves in parts of California, Arizona and Texas.

Honeybell fruit is a nutritional powerhouse, standing out as an excellent source of certain vitamins and minerals. A large honeybell can fulfill your entire daily vitamin C requirement as well as provide you with around 5% of your daily vitamin A and calcium needs. Keep in mind, though, if you take medication that is affected by eating grapefruit, you should avoid honeybells as one of their parent fruits is grapefruit.

  • On my visit to Florida 12 years ago, I brought home two little Honeybell orange trees. They live in Maine and are outdoors in the summer and in a sunroom in the cold months. So I enjoy honeybells with no expense. They are super. anon989435 March 5, 2015 Oh wow Never thought a simple orange could get so much fame. I just partook in the consumption of the specimen that you all speak of. Honestly I don't know why I am even wasting my time typing this. But anyhow it was not that fascinating at all. Love and peace to all! --Fury Chicken anon986996 yesterday Anon62917: Do you have a link to that study?Anon252773: I just received a gift from Harry & Davids supplied by Cushman's. They were outstanding.I'd like to find a definitive answer on interactions with statins and thyroid meds though. anon338080 June 10, 2013 I purchase my honeybells from Hale Groves in fruit baskets which are fresh! anon314150 January 16, 2013 I always spend the first two weeks of the New Year in Okeechobee and always grab honeybells to eat while I'm there, and ship a bushel back home to Indiana.This year the grove operator gave us a couple of navels and when we got home (to Okeechobee), my brother and I each ate half a Honeybell and half of a navel.That's when I truly noticed how much better the honeybells were. I have always thought they were the best orange on earth (even though, technically they are not even an orange), but this side-by-side taste-test proved it.They are only available for a few weeks in January but if you've never had the pleasure of sampling one, I strongly suggest you check them out. The best fruit of any kind on the planet! anon313322 January 11, 2013 I always get my Honeybells from Al's Family Farms. Just received my Christmas shipment yesterday. They are amazing as always! anon306650 1 hours ago Where do you buy Honeybells? anon252773 March 6, 2012 Don't order from Cushmans! The oranges were dry and not very sweet or flavorful. Also,they don't respond to their customer service e-mails. anon247361 February 13, 2012 I take a lot of medication and wonder about the interaction with this fruit. Is it safe? anon240241 January 13, 2012 When my mother wintered in Florida, I discovered Honeybells. This year, I received notice from Hale Groves that my sister had ordered Honeybells for me. They arrived last Friday. What a disappointment!Most have no similarity to my memory of what they should look like. I have eaten three; two were easy to peel; but that is the only similarity. Very little juice with the flavor of a pithy orange. PatriciaM February 18, 2011 I bought a honeybell last week at the Amish Market just to taste one and went back this week to get six of them. I really like how juicy they are and how easy they are to peel. I had never heard of them until I saw them on qvc and was surprised when I saw them at the Amish Market. anon142357 January 12, 2011 Just bought two big bags of HB blems, $6 bag or about 35 cents each. Try Hale's Groves in Vero Beach. anon141417 January 10, 2011 I'm from England and winter in mid Florida. We have a Honeybell tree in our back yard and on Saturday I picked some of them and squeezed out nearly four gallons of juice. Man, they are juicy and we'll be freezing a lot of it.I was then concerned by the implications of drinking the juice as I take 80mg of Lipitor daily but this article and others would suggest it's OK. I do hope so!Still plenty left on the tree for y'all! anon140515 January 7, 2011 are they safe to eat while taking entocort and azothiaprine? anon138486 January 1, 2011 I never heard of Honey Bell oranges. But now I have to buy some and try them. Where is the best place to order these? Thanks for any suggestions. anon110131 September 10, 2010 Honeybells are truly amazing and spoil you from wanting any other type of orange. anon82550 May 6, 2010 Absolutely the best "orange" I've tasted in the past thirty years! I was able to buy several dozen in late April and early May this year. Can't wait 'til next January to try them "fresher." anon66098 February 17, 2010 I received Honeybell oranges for Christmas (well after Christmas) and this is my first time. I thought they were absolutely fabulous. I would eat one every day, if I could afford to. anon62912 yesterday To answer anon58480, who posted question about are they safe in drug interactions consider the following:One study so far has shown that unlike grapefruit, interactions with statins are not likely with tangelos, even though it is derived from a grapefruit crossed with a tangerine. This is apparently because the furocoumarins in grapefruit are not expressed in tangelos. Due to this, some reactions are temporary.A USDA report, publication number 175059, has more information. anon58480 January 2, 2010 Is there a danger in eating honeybells while taking blood pressure medication since the honeybell is a cross between a grapefruit and tangerine? anon58183 5 hours ago I have enjoyed Honeybell oranges for the past three years as a gift. They are like no other orange. Everything they were advertised to be! I plan to order them again for the fourth time. Once you have a honeybell orange, all others are are just a plain old orange. If I can locate the company in Florida I shall post it here. anon57779 December 27, 2009 I first found honeybell oranges while visiting in Florida many years ago. I could never find them in the stores as honeybells, but now that I know they go by another name, I will be looking for them. It will be a real treat to have them again. anon57769 December 27, 2009 Thanks to the Honeybell Information Society. I hope this has done much for demand! spasiba December 27, 2009 I was not familiar with this type of orange, but thanks to this article, it seems like a fruit worth trying. I will be looking for them in January. The high end stores, I would imagine, would carry them. Post your comments Please enter the following code: Login: Forgot password? Register: window.stockSnippets = window.stockSnippets ; window.stockSnippets['ss_rhs'] = ` `; By: Accent Honeybell oranges are most readily available in January. By: sommai It takes two average sized Honeybell oranges to produce a full glass of freshly squeezed juice. Categories

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