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Hibernator ? Hibernate Apps Save Battery V2.10.1 [Pro] [Latest] ((FULL))

Hibernator : Hibernate running apps & save battery (Hibernator : Close apps and save battery) - this app can help you with the rest and the poor performance of your device. His goal is to freeze you don't need processes that make it pretty easy. All you need is to install this application and run the auto freeze, or to set up a list of those services and applications that you do not need. The main thing is not to overdo and not to disable a system service, then your device most likely will turn off.

Hibernator – Hibernate Apps Save Battery v2.10.1 [Pro] [Latest]


Hibernate: This option make your PC "hibernate" when the lid is closed. It's similar to Sleep but uses far less battery. It is designed for longer periods away from the PC, and will take longer to "wake up," but it will still save your current work and running programs.


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