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Update Your Weekly Schedule Like a Pro with GTD Now Habit 7Habits

Here is the outline of the article I will write for you: # GTD Now Habit 7Habits: How to Update Your Weekly Schedule ## Introduction - Explain what GTD, Now Habit, and 7Habits are and why they are useful for personal productivity - State the main goal of the article: to show how to update your weekly schedule using these three frameworks - Provide a brief overview of the steps involved ## Step 1: Capture Everything That Has Your Attention - Explain the importance of capturing all your tasks, projects, ideas, and commitments in a trusted system - Suggest some tools and methods for capturing information, such as Todoist, Evernote, or pen and paper - Give some examples of what to capture, such as emails, meetings, deadlines, goals, etc. ## Step 2: Clarify What Needs to Be Done - Explain the importance of clarifying each item you captured and deciding what action to take - Suggest some questions to ask yourself for each item, such as: What is the desired outcome? What is the next action? Is it actionable? Is it urgent? Is it important? - Give some examples of how to clarify items, such as breaking down projects into tasks, delegating or deleting items that are not yours or not relevant, etc. ## Step 3: Organize Information So That You Can Find It Later - Explain the importance of organizing your information into categories and contexts that make sense for you - Suggest some ways to organize your information, such as using lists, folders, labels, tags, filters, etc. - Give some examples of how to organize your information, such as using GTD's five lists (inbox, next actions, waiting for, someday/maybe, projects), using Now Habit's unschedule (a calendar that shows your committed time and free time), using 7Habits' four quadrants (urgent and important, not urgent but important, urgent but not important, not urgent and not important), etc. ## Step 4: Reflect and Prioritize Your Work - Explain the importance of reviewing your information regularly and prioritizing your work according to your goals and values - Suggest some times and frequencies to review your information, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. - Give some examples of how to review and prioritize your information, such as using GTD's weekly review (a process that involves collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing, and doing your work), using Now Habit's three-step method (a process that involves identifying your most important task for the day, scheduling a focused block of time for it, and rewarding yourself after completing it), using 7Habits' mission statement (a statement that defines your purpose and vision for your life), etc. ## Step 5: Engage in the Right Activities - Explain the importance of taking action on your priorities and focusing on one thing at a time - Suggest some tips and techniques to help you engage in the right activities, such as setting reminders, batching tasks, eliminating distractions, using timers, etc. - Give some examples of how to engage in the right activities, such as using GTD's context-based lists (lists that show you what you can do based on where you are or what tools you have), using Now Habit's positive self-talk (statements that motivate you to start and finish your tasks), using 7Habits' win-win mindset (an attitude that seeks mutual benefit for yourself and others), etc. ## Conclusion - Summarize the main points of the article and restate the main goal - Emphasize the benefits of updating your weekly schedule using GTD Now Habit 7Habits - Encourage the reader to try out these frameworks and share their feedback ## FAQs Question Answer --- --- What are the benefits of updating my weekly schedule? Updating your weekly schedule can help you reduce stress, increase focus, boost creativity, improve reliability, and achieve your goals. How long does it take to update my weekly schedule? It depends on how much information you have to capture, clarify, organize, review, and prioritize. A typical weekly review can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. How often should I update my weekly schedule? You should update your weekly schedule at least once a week. You can also do mini-reviews daily or whenever you feel overwhelmed or stuck. What if I have too many tasks or projects to fit in my weekly schedule? You can use the GTD, Now Habit, and 7Habits frameworks to help you prioritize your tasks and projects. You can also delegate, outsource, or eliminate some of them if they are not aligned with your goals and values. What if I have trouble sticking to my weekly schedule? You can use the GTD, Now Habit, and 7Habits frameworks to help you overcome procrastination, resistance, and distractions. You can also seek support from others, such as a coach, a mentor, a friend, or a group.

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