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Caravan S For Sterling Elite Zip

For 2018 all Conqueror models are 50mm wider. Swift says it has managed to achieve this re-engineering while still ending up with a caravan that is lighter overall, thanks to its SMART Plus technology.

caravan s for sterling elite zip

And in this article from Caravanning with Kids, Ebony has a canvas/mesh cover made for the lower bunk, with zip access. Have a look at all the details for how to turn your caravan bunk bed into a cot here.

@rain_or_shine_with_minty are a family of 6, in just a 14ft caravan. So bunks beds were a must! Mum, dad and the youngest sleep on the lower bunk (a king size no less!), 2 children on the top, and one child on the couch bed.

In this video Covet the Camper shows how he converted the dinette in his camper, into bunks. He is based in the USA and this dinette / bunk beds are in a slide out, but it may give you ideas for how you can do something like this in your own caravan. 350c69d7ab


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