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Eastshade V1 25-DARKSiDERS

take on the role of an versatile artist. improve your professional by capturing the beauty of the splendid eastshade island on canvas. talk to the inhabitants to discover about their lives and lifestyles. talk to different characters found in villages and towns. there is an abundance of wonderful individuals for you to find! discover myths and discover secrets about the land and the heart of the fascinating eastshade! make wise choices to succeed in a difficult journey, full of dangers and uncertain things!

Eastshade v1 25-DARKSiDERS

eastshade is an island inhabited with a wide selection of individuals. get to know the events and interests of these people. enjoy different aspects of gameplay, such as watching a film on a movie theater, discovering the secrets of the island, conversing with the locals and traveling the island in a car. as you develop, youll be able to develop trade in colors. see, listen to and spend all kinds of characters. do not be afraid to ask the island! eastshade has lots of secrets awaiting you.

eastshade is a huge island, located in the waters off a distant country. a remote area, only restricted to a few folks who visit it. your task is to get to the island, watch over it, make your career and eventually buy a house there. you will certainly have to face troubles, see forests, water, and a lot of intriguing images. you have chosen to travel east. now the day has come to discover the mysteries of a vast island, visit all its beautiful sights and preserve the beauty of the exotic eastshade. in addition to that, you could arrange a partnership with your prospects, sell your exhibits, trade and find lost things! depending on the actions you made on the journey, the game will appear and will end with the help of the indignant island guardians.


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